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Cat Grooming

Baths, Nail Trims, Brushouts, Hair Cuts


Other Offers

*Nail Caps

*Nail Trim

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Baths All baths include: Shampoo, Brushouts, Nails, Ears,

Other Offers 

*Deshedding Treatment

*Flea Treatment

*Teeth Brushing

*Pet Tattoos



Start Early

If you have a puppy, now’s the perfect time to get them used to grooming. It's in your best interest to get them used to the noises and the buzzing of the clippers. 

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Matted Hair

Matted hair can trap fleas, bacteria, moisture, bugs, and other nasty things. Sores can also develop under the mats. This is bad news because your pet can have other pests living on them.  


Help make the experience great 

If your dog isn’t used to getting thoroughly cleaned, inspected, handled, and brushed on a regular basis, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm them when you introduce them to grooming.

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